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Strong Foam Insulation’s journey began in the ICI and multi-unit residential sector in 2016, and has quickly evolved as a leading force within the spray foam, fire protection and air-vapour barrier application industry. The foundation of Strong Foam’s success is built upon understanding our clients’ needs’ and exceeding their expectations. As a company, we understand the fast paced evolving nature of the construction industry and readily adapt to its challenges and demands. Strong Foam Insulation is committed to continuously developing employee practises, being educated and well informed within the construction community and always holding our company to the highest standard of exceptional service. Combined, our company has over 50 years of construction experience. We recognize the importance of building strong relationships with clients that are built on trust and a mutual partnership. Transparency, honesty and respect provide the ideal platform to achieve success on all projects.

Strong Foam Insulation appreciates and fully supports their staff. We recognize the necessity of fostering a positive and engaging work environment that further develops motivated, self-sufficient and hardworking employees. It is our employees who represent the integrity and dedication of our company.

Strong Foam insulation appreciates the work ethic of all their employees. Their skill, commitment and performance are invaluable to Strong Foam’s success. Employees are given the opportunity to grow and thrive in a positive work environment where safety is the top priority. Our effective and dynamic management system works closely with our knowledgeable and qualified applicators to provide clients with exceptional results.


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No other insulating material can accomplish energy savings more efficiently than spray polyurethane foam (SPF). From this point of view, SPF is the greenest insulation material on the market and has the added benefit of providing significant operating cost savings as well.

The use of SPF insulation is rapidly growing due to the many advantages over traditional fiberglass or cellulose insulation systems. Energy savings with increased R-value, reduction of air leakage and SPFs ability to prevent mold moisture intrusion are just a few.

The most effective means to conserving energy is to make buildings more energy efficient. Spray Foam Insulation effectively impedes the inward/outward flow of heat delivering consistent thermal performance, unlike these other systems.

The material is spray applied in-place, adheres to most any construction surface and provides seamless coverage eliminating any gaps or cracks that are inherent with other insulating materials. SPF provides an air barrier that is significantly less permeable than cellulose insulation.



Strong foam Insulation is committed to providing a competitive quote for any size of projects. Our extensive experience in understanding details start from the drawings and executed on the field. Our Strong Experience and professional service from the estimating department will ensure you receive great value from our quote and executed through our services.

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