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Terms and Conditions

At StrongFoam, our mission is to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.  We are results driven, people oriented, and dedicated to excellence.  To ensure that our customers our ready for installation, the following information is provided below.  Please refer to the sections below that are applicable to your installation.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


No other trades/persons are allowed near or during application.

Minimum of two weeks notice for booking any work.

Please add all taxes to the total price, if not included in estimate.

Quotes are valid for thirty days from quote date without deposit.

If testing is required, it is to be performed and a report issued to us while our work is in progress and our forces are on site (your forces to coordinate), otherwise an extra cost (including costs associated with work that has proceeded prior to receiving the inspection reports) to return to site to repair deficiencies will be required.

Damage to the installed foam/fireproofing to be repaired at cost of the trade responsible.

In the event that a request is made to proceed with a job despite our recommendations, StrongFoam releases itself from all liability relating to issues that may occur in excessively humid conditions (+80%) and/or excessively windy conditions (+20 km/hr) for all installations.

Substrate to be provided free of materials, which would impair bond ie, dirt, oil, scale, mud, frost, water, etc., as per manufacturers’ instruction.

All agreements, quotations and contract terms are contingent upon labour strikes, accidents, delays in transportation, supply, fire, or natural catastrophe that are unavoidable or beyond our control.

Verbal confirmation of said contract and our forces working on your site will automatically be taken as an understood agreement that you have read and agree to our terms.

All stored construction materials and or waste must be removed from work areas prior to our arrival.

Payment due thirty days after invoice date.  If a client has any issues with the our installation, a claim must be made within thirty days.

Mobilization charges will apply if we arrive on site and your work is not ready.  Minimum 48 hours notice required for booking changes.

StrongFoam strongly recommends that you check with your local building officials prior to the application of foam/fireproofing so that there will be no discrepancies in application technique.  StrongFoam will not be held responsible for any changes that need to happen after installation.

If you find that you require more materials installed the day of installation, we require you to sign a “Change of Order” form stating the changes. You may also want to contact our estimator before making any changes that would reflect a change in your billing.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation

The installation of spray foam insulation requires a fire protective thermal barrier and must not be left exposed, this has not been accounted for unless noted in quote.

There should be approximately 5 feet of clearance for installers from the surface to be sprayed.

Crawlspaces must be dry and clear of obstructions, debris or stored items to enable installers to access areas to be sprayed. Again, an area of approximately 5 feet clearance for walls and approximately 3 feet clear from underside of floor joist to the floor of the crawlspace. Please ensure that there is adequate ventilation where needed. A residual odour from the manufacturing process will dissipate within 24 hours of application.


We propose to meet the hourly fire resistive requirements of the plans and specifications only. The applicability of these documents to laws, statutes, building codes and regulations are not the responsibility of this contractor.

Surfaces to receive fireproofing shall be free from any substance that would impair adhesion.

The customer will make available a permanent location for our mixing and pumping station for the duration of our activity. This site must be:

– convenient to the structure to be fireproofed

– convenient to the structure to establish a single station for centralized pumping of the fireproofing material

– able to accommodate (including access routes) truckload deliveries of material

– have ample space for trailer parking, material, and equipment storage

– well drained

Customer to furnish all necessary light, power, heat, water and temporary enclosures where required, without  charge.  Specifically,

– have a convenient and constant water source with adequate pressure and volume to maintain job schedule (minimum requirement: 20 gallons per minute per machine)

– have a minimum 110 volt 30 amp independent power service for the fireproofing operation

Within the building, we require free and clear ingress/egress for movable scaffolds from the floor line to the area to be fireproofed. No installation that would restrict movement of our scaffolds, personnel or equipment or limit our uninterrupted application of fireproofing materials will be permitted. Clutter, debris and/or items stored on the floor must be located where they will not interfere with said application. Protection of these items is not the responsibility of this contractor.

All patching and repairing of fireproofing due to damage (intentional or unintentional) by others shall be completed by the fireproofing contractor and paid for by the general contractor.

After completion of the fireproofing work, equipment shall be removed and all exposed floor areas shall be left in a scraped-clean condition. We shall deposit debris in trash chutes provided by the customer or outside the building for removal by others.

Customer to furnish adequate hoisting facilities including fuel and operator without charge (eg., manlift, elevators, etc.).

The cost of performance and payment bond has not been included. If required, add premium cost to contract price.

No backcharges to our contract will be accepted unless previously agreed to by both parties in writing.

No penalties will be accepted for delays caused by labor walk-outs, inability to secure men or materials, or damage from acts of God.

We shall not be required to start work until the job is sufficiently ready for us to proceed in a continuous operation without any undue interference or delay from other trades.  Specifically,

– The substrates to receive application of fireproofing shall be satisfactory for direct spray application.  Structural steel shall be free of primers/paint, oils, grease, loose mill scale, dirt or other foreign substances which may  impair proper adhesion.  Steel decks shall be free of rolling compounds, lubricates, incompatible paints or primers or other foreign substances which may impair proper adhesion

– Ducts, piping, equipment or other suspended matter which would interfere with application of the fireproofing materials shall not be positioned until the fireproofing work is complete

– Prior to the application of fireproofing, clips, hangers, support sleeves, and other attachments required to penetrate the fireproofing shall be in place

– Prior to the application of the fireproofing to the underside of metal decks, all roof applications and concrete work shall be complete.  All roof traffic shall be prohibited upon commencement of the fireproofing application and until the fireproofing material is cured and fully dried

The customer shall provide adequate ventilation and temperature for application of fireproofing in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.  If necessary for job progress, the customer shall provide enclosures with heat to maintain temperature and forced air ventilation until material is substantially dry.

All proposals shall be subject to change unless accepted within thirty (30) days from date of general contract award.

Test results from inspection of applied materials shall be provided to the fireproofing contractor at the completion of each floor.

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